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MaxCare is the customer management module in the MaxBill product suite. MaxCare enables communications and utilities services providers to establish an operational framework to build a satisfied and loyal customer base, while continually attracting profitable new customers.

Unified Customer Care

MaxCare is a web‐based customer management application providing service providers the functionality for:

These functionalities are integrated into a single, unified front‐end HTML framework that provides a detailed view of all customer information, while streamlining the business processes between activities.

Customer Centric

MaxCare provides a 360 degree view of all customer related information and activities. The customer centric functionality of MaxCare enables Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to quickly respond to all customer inquiries and requests from a centralized application. With MaxCare, CSRs no longer need to access multiple applications or transfer customers to other departments.

Automated Workflow

MaxCare processes customer lifecycle events using a flexible, rule‐based workflow mechanism and supports advanced task management with resolutions and escalation procedures. Customer‐oriented functions, such as customer registration, service activation, online pricing plan assignment, customer request and complaint handling, sending letters and notices, and customer profile modification, are supported within the framework of the automated workflow mechanism.

Multiple Play Order Management

The order management processes for the fulfillment of multiple play service orders in MaxCare are processed by the embedded workflow engine. Each step of the order management activities are configured according to specific operational business processes and policies covering the initiation, modification and termination of services, the automatic provisioning of interfaces, and the fulfillment of orders to external devices and third parties. MaxCare's order management features support the configuration, validation and assignment of complex services and bundles.