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MaxRate is a powerful event and usage rating engine that processes multiple play services and matrix structured rating schemes. MaxRate allows service providers to capture all revenue generating opportunities by processing complicated usage and event billing scenarios and hierarchical structure rating plans.

Carrier Grade Rating

MaxRate is a carrier-grade rating engine that supports high volume processing of real-time and batch event and usage records. MaxRate handles traditional retail, business and intercarrier rating scenarios as well as multilayered rating hierarchies to support partner and vendor relationships. MaxRate's powerful and efficient rating engine is capable of rating expanded services, incentive-based pricing, discount structures and loyalty schemes.MaxRate gathers usage information from internal and external sources, validates and formats the information, identifies the subscribers to be billed and rates the usage according specific subscriber usage plans. MaxRate also contains features for monitoring and controlling processes, including exception handling, re-rating and rollback functionalities. 

Covergent Charging

From a single instance of MaxRate, any combination of products and services can be rated. As a service-neutral rating engine, MaxRate can process a high volume of usage records acquired from various external devices and gateways, while handling multiple input streams simultaneous. MaxRate also supports pay-per-speed, pay-per-bandwidth, pay-per-view, pay-per-event, volume-based and IP time-based events.

Integrated SLAs and QoS

MaxRate incorporates Service Level Agreements and network Quality of Service rating to accurately charge for usage. MaxRate's powerful rating capabilities can process both incollects and outcollects for intricate partner compensation and reconciliation. MaxRate also reevaluates data records to check for fraud, while rated usage output can be exported to external decision support systems (DSS) and data warehousing applications.

High Performance and Scalability

Standalone or multiple instances of MaxRate can be deployed and run in parallel to increase operational throughput. MaxRate's scalable design can handle rapid and unlimited increases in customer numbers and traffic volume.