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MaxGen is a robust billing engine that compiles, generates and summarizes the elements that make up a customer invoice. MaxGen calculates recurring charges based on customer price plans and compiles other relevant charges for a billing period. MaxGen calculates the applicable taxes for the invoice according to each customer's tax plan.

Robust Billing

As a convergent billing engine, MaxGen is able to calculate charges for a multiple of products and services on a consolidated bill or bill for each product and service separately. MaxGen helps expand revenue streams by supporting: 

MaxGen allows invoices to be split into multiple billing cycles, while numerous bill runs can be validated and authorized in parallel. MaxGen supports prorated billing for products and plans, according to actual active dates. MaxGen also includes hot bill functionality for out-of-cycle and on-the-fly billing.

Billing Accuracy

MaxGen ensures billing accuracy through an established bill verification and approval process. MaxGen provides detailed log files showing generation statistics in order to reduce billing errors. MaxGen includes rollback functionality that allows bill generations to be reversed and new invoices to be created.


MaxGen supports multiple billing formats and multilingual invoices according to specific operational and regional needs. MaxGen handles third party billing to support the needs of distribution partners and revenue sharing scenarios. MaxGen outputs XML, PDF or PostScript files and includes a configurable archiving system.


MaxGen is built with a high performance architecture that enables multiple bill runs to be processed in parallel. Bills can be viewed during the validation stage before being committed to the storage database in order to perform quality assurance on output.