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MaxCatalog is an enterprise product catalog that allows service providers to construct and manage a catalog of complex product and package offerings with advanced price discount schemes. MaxCatalog improves operational efficiency by removing the need to manage multiple instances of product information in different OSS/BSS systems.

Enterprise Product Catalog

MaxCatalog efficiently integrates product information with pricing strategies and synchronizes the product catalog across all OSS/BSS systems. 

MaxCatalog supports multiple play products and packages from fixed line, ISP, mobile, cable TV and utilities based services. Multiple departments within a service provider's organization can easily control various aspects of product offerings, configurations, pricing and discount schemes.
MaxCatalog's automated workflow mechanism enables separate product profiles and tasks to be defined and initiated by other applications in order to achieve a centralized repository for controlling product management.

Attractive Pricing

MaxCatalog allows service providers to easily define prices for various products and packages. At any time, service providers can adjust tariffs and create attractive discount plans. MaxCatalog also allows for the bundling of products across different business lines into innovative packages.

Operational Simplicity

MaxCatalog serves as a centralized knowledge center for marketing and technical information about all products and packages.
As a result, MaxCatalog streamlines business processes and reduces the time-to-market with associated defining new products and packages, while reducing operational overhead.