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SelfCare is a web-based module that enables service providers to manage an online portal for customers independently handle routine customer care tasks and establish an dditional channel for sales activities.

Customer Self Care

Service providers using SelfCare can allow their customers to independently and securely update contact details and profile information, activate services, change rate plans, issue trouble tickets, monitor balances and more. SelfCare can also facilitate electronic communications between a service provider and its customers. The functionality of SelfCare can be integrated directly into a service provider’s existing customer portal or implemented in a dedicated web site.

Additional Sales Channel

SelfCare can serve as an additional sales channel to proactively generate additional revenue streams. In addition to using SelfCare to enable customers to independently process routine customer care tasks, service providers can leverage SelfCare as a platform to sell products, services and packages.
Value Added Services (VAS) can also be sold through the SelfCare portal, including downloading ringtones and call waiting tones, watching Live TV and video-on-demand content, sending text messages, backing up telephone books and more. SelfCare also includes eShop capabilities in which fulfillment items and consumer goods can be sold alongside the service provider’s communications-related offerings.

Improve Customer Service

SelfCare simplifies communications between a service provider and its customers. SelfCare provides customers with immediate and around-the-clock access to account information. Customers using SelfCare can conveniently access information and monitor real-time status updates at any time without being dependant on call center traffic. 

Reduce Operational Costs

By allowing customers to independently handle routine customer care tasks through the SelfCare functionality, services providers significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining high levels of call center staff. In parallel, customer service representatives (CSRs) have more available time to dedicate to higher level customer care issues, current marketing initiatives and other revenue generating activities.