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BillMiner provides electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) functionality for service providers to electronically invoice customers and create a convenient web-based payment method. The BillMiner module removes the need to print and mail customer invoices, which significantly reduces operational costs and has a positive environment impact.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

The BillMiner module dynamically presents customers with their invoices and billing information. BillMiner allows current invoices to be generated online, printed, exported to Excel, CVS, Word, HTML, PDF, XML or other flat file formats, and sent by email. All billing information accessed in BillMiner is up-to-date and constantly available. The archiving features of BillMiner make past invoices and historical billing information readily available to customers at the click of the mouse. Analysis tools included in BillMiner enable customers to drill down and analyze any data element included in an invoice.

Additional Payment Option

BillMiner creates a valuable payment option for customers to independently pay their invoices online. By incorporating BillMiner in its customer portal, a service provider enables its customers to securely pay for invoices at their convenience over the Internet. With BillMiner, customers are no longer dependant on the call center or mailing a check to make payment. Credit cards, direct debit and other familiar payment methods can be used to process payments though BillMiner.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

BillMiner enables customers to conveniently access and analyze an extensive array of billing information without the assistance of a customer service representative (CSRs).
BillMiner can be configured to automatically recommend service packages to customers based on their actual usage. For example, BillMiner can identify the most frequently called phone numbers to be included in a call plan. Advanced customer care issues that require the resources of a call center are efficiently resolved as both the customer and the customer service representative (CSR) have access to the same billing information made available through BillMiner.

Positive Environmental Impact

By allowing customers to view and pay invoices online, BillMiner drastically reduces the amount of paper that a service provider consumes during the regular course its operation. In addition to the positive environmental impact of reduced paper consumer, BillMiner removes the ongoing operational costs associated with printing and mailing customer invoices.